Un-Supported Technology

My old portfolio webiste was based on a technology called Koken. Overall, I liked the way it worked and technically it still works, but it's been abandoned by the company that was working on it. Technically it's open source and written in PHP so I could dig into the source code and start modifying it but, honestly I'd rather work on a new custom website.

Screen capture of Koken website

Building A New Website

Most photographers faced with the challenge of a new website would reach for something like Instagram, WIX or Squarespace. I would recommend using Wordpress on your own server. I used to be a programmer so I'm not affraid of jumping into the code and getting my hands dirty. I found a cool HTML template called Story and Voilla! Now I have the foundation for my new website.

Screenshot of Story HTML temple website

A New Website, A New Camera & A New Portfolio

My old portfolio was mainly shot on Canon and most of it was shot in my old studio which I don't have anymore. I'm moving into a new phase in my photography work and I want to create an all new style and portfolio with my new Olympus camera. I'll be publishing all my new photos here.

Photo of Olympus E-M1X

Complete Control & Creative Freedom

Sure, it's a lot easier to post your photos on Instagram, Facebook or the next online photo sharing servive but I recommend you first develop your own website then worry about social media. I've quit using social media and spend my time on creating my own websites that I control. At a minumum you should use Wordpress on your own server that you pay for like I do. Better yet, create your own website from scratch with HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can start with a template like I did to give you a jump start. If you want complete control over your content then you have to roll up your sleeves and do some work. Back in the good old days of the Internet when HTML was first announced I used to code websites by hand. I miss those days and I wanted this website to be a creative showcase not only for my photography portfolio, but also for my website coding skills. When I'm not out taking photos you'll find me learning something new about HTML, CSS, and Javascript.