Las Vegas Developers Demo Day

I attend the monthly Las Vegas Developers Demo Day Meetup and sometimes I speak about a project I'm working on. In February 2020 I brought my camera and took some photos.

Las Vegas Developer Demo Day Photo

My New Camera System

My first camera was a Canon EOS film camera. Over the years I purchased all professional Canon lenses and eventually the latest Canon digital cameras. I was all Canon all the way! I recently sold all my Canon gear except for one camera the Canon AE-1 just in case I want to shoot some film which I plan on doing. Guess which camera system I switched to?

Canon AE-1 Camera

My Old Photography Portfolio

It's time for a change. I've decided to no longer update my old photography portfolio website. There are several reasons for my decision to leave this website as-is and I'll explain them all in the following article.

Screen capture of my old photography portfolio website